Julian Glencross McCartney is a qualified furniture/cabinet maker.

He completed a formal trade apprenticeship under the tutelage of Robert Brown, specialising in antique furniture reproduction and restoration. This involved intensive training in the use of traditional cabinetmaking hand tools & techniques, appreciation of woodworking materials & design, and finishing methods including French polishing.

Moving away from the antique sector in late 2012, Julian acquired a shared workshop space in Collingwood to develop his own contemporary furniture making business, whilst also acquiring new skills in the workshop of local design stalwarts: Tait.

Inspired by the family history of his great-great-grandfather Charles Glencross: a coach builder, Julian adopted his middle name of Glencross as the moniker for his business name. 

Glencross Furniture now operates independently from his Melbourne workshop, specialising in high quality custom made timber furniture and design objects.

The design styles are varied, inspired by ever-changing function and aesthetic elements of residential, commercial and natural environments. Key to his work is a keen eye for proportion and a carefully considered understanding of materials, resulting in a handcrafted tactile finish.